We are members of the 
      American Kiko Goat Association
      National Kiko Registry
      International Kiko Goat Association
      Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
J & A Ranch is owned and operated by John and Annette Patton.  We are located off Highway 277 North of San Angelo, Texas and South of Abilene, Texas in the Tennyson community.

We have a commercial goat herd consisting of Spanish/Boer cross does and a 100% New Zealand Kiko herd along with some registered longhorn cattle, a few Barbado sheep and several other misfits.  As a combination of the commercial goat herd along with the Kiko bucks we are presently producing crossbred, purebred and 100% offspring.

Our main objective at the present time is to expand the Kiko operation by breeding high quality goats.

We guarantee our animals.  If you are not totally satisfied, please return for a full refund.

We require a non-refundable deposit  to reserve the animals of your choice.

We can be reached by the following:

        Tel.  --  325-473-3100
        Cell  --  325-374-8987
        e-mail  --  jcpatton01@gmail.com

Mailing address is:                                           Physical address is:
       John Patton                                                       650 Rocky Lane
       P.O. Box 23                                                       Tennyson, Tx.  76953
       Tennyson, Tx.  76953                                        Bronte, Tx. 76933 (according to google maps)